DEEMINZ is created by Kathleen Plasko . They first landed in our plane of existence in October 2017 by way of an Instagram art challenge called Art of Darkness.  They made their debut with the challenge’s first prompt “Creatures of the Night.” 

Creatures of the Night

You may wonder, ‘What exactly are DEEMINZ?’ Simply put, they are a trio of spirits visiting our dimension and integrate themselves into our world.  They can be anywhere at anytime and partake in activities and pastimes of the human race.  They live, work, and play among us. Sometimes they morph themselves into objects, shapes or other chemical forms to disguise themselves,  or just see what it’s like to be something else. Or, there could be an ulterior motive.

Hopscotch Kids

What are they doing, why are they here? The answer is yet to be determined.  We don’t know if they are visiting or if they are gathering information to take back to their dimension to plan a full scale invasion. So far there are no reports of them harming anyone.

The Plotting & Planning Commission