Bookshelf Bugaboos

Bookshelf Bugaboos

Don’t let our cuteness fool you!

Summer Vacation Commence!

Let’s hit the road and go on a big adventure!…

Hello, May v. 2022

Four years ago today, we evolved from hand-drawn spirits to…


Everything’s frozen!

Culture & Lifestyle

Happy National Dog Day

Happy National Dog Day

Hug and spoil them a little extra today!

Hay Moon, Hay Moon

Don’t dream its over…

Summer Solstice, 2022

From 2020: When the sun shines, we can do anything!

Strawberry Moon

Super sweet super moon.  

On The Job

Rush Week

Rush Week

Scurrying and hurrying before the long weekend ahead!


Can we take your order?

Thanksgiving Week Rush

Getting caught up before the long weekend!  


We have a nose for art!


2021 Top Nine

2021 Top Nine

Let’s see what we do in 2022!

2020 Instagram Top Nine

Thank you to all of our friends and followers for…

Toilet Paper Fortress

We’re not going down without a wipe!

Social Stats

Where do you stand?


Spider Robot

Spider Robot

                        Triple-headed threat!

#TBT: Throwing Stars

Weapons of mass perforation!

Fall of the Final Boss

Taking down the leader of the 8bit world!

Roomba Race

Cleaning to win!


Bendy in Bandon

Bendy in Bandon

Stretching ourselves thin!

Frisky in ‘Frisco

Goofin’ on the Golden Gate!

Freaky in Fresno

A long ride mischievous DEEMINZ makes!